Week 6:

This week we talked about the minstrel show, and wow did this class make me very uncomfortable not because of what we learned about necessarily but the reactions of some of the students in the class. Ofcourse sometimes in the class the way the professor talks makes me uncomfortable but I think honestly thats the point of this class. I mean the professor said in the beginning of the class – most of the time he would always play the devils advocate, which is what makes the class interesting because if everyone just agreed with everything being said then whats the point? you’re not going to learn anything. So despite this topic or this class making me uncomfortable sometimes I feel like its good, it pushes you past your comfort zone or pushes you out of your own head. I appreciate the moderate discomfort from this professor.

On wednesday we kind of went further into this topic, we talked about minstrel shows once again but then we also discussed the steel guitar craze that involved the hawaiians. I really enjoyed listening to that specific music in class today it was super cool and really different I ended up showing my roommates when I got home.

Week 5:

So basically this week we talked about the idea of information, we spoke how information was conveyed – basically talking about breaking down something to just simply information. As a class we looked into garageband using gospel music or things from different cultures.. is it offensive? is it not? is it inappropriate that I, as a white woman, can just take a beautiful gospel segment from garage band and put it in my own song with no credit to the person who’s voice that is.

Next we talked about a lot of stuff that kind of went over my head just because it was lots of technological terms and I just sat there like hmmmm. But basically we talked about HTTP which means hyper text transfer protocol which i had no idea about until this very moment. We learned about Berners Lee who created a web browser break through in 1993 which was the first graphical web browser!! I was not even born yet, that is so weird honestly I cannot remember the first time I used a computer but I do not think ever thought about or even knew when the browser came out let alone a computer. So i guess i can thank this class for bringing these thoughts and different things to my attention. A cool fact that stuck out the most to me was that in June 1993 there was only 130 sites but literally two years later there was almost 25,000?? Thats actually insane. I wonder what it is now.

Week 4:

Sadly I missed Mondays class because I was sick but today I was able to make it thankfully! I thought todays class was particularly interesting because of the time era we spoke on. In the beginning of class we spoke about WWII which I’ve always had a curiosity about weirdly enough. I’ve always loved hearing stories about it so for Professor O’Malley to be so well versed in that portion was very intriguing for me.

Next we spoke about telephones and things regarding the sound and the issues that they faced trying to get the sound to amplify but not sound distorted. I don’t know if its just my straight ignorance on this topic or what but honestly I generally never had thought about the things people had to create and change in order to simply hear someone.

Really don’t have any critiques for this week since it was so straight forward this week, I just wish sometimes I had just a little bit more knowledge of each topic enough so I felt confident enough to partake in the conversation. Maybe over time, who knows.

Week 3:

Okay, this week.. interesting. I feel like I’m forever going to use that term to describe the class and all we learn. The book, I didn’t take much too, I felt as if the author was actually just talking at me rather then getting me interested. I mean obviously people felt differently considering the award on the front of the novel but I don’t know it just was not my cup of tea. I understand where the author is coming from but being from my generation – all we hear is how terrible we are, now I have read it also. But something I couldn’t keep my eyes off of was the power point type thing, the “annihilation of time” the photos, the information, I was so intrigued on every single slide, it was literally so cool!

Idealism vs realism, was a tough concept. I have always been super realistic about things despite my religion. I don’t trust blindly within my faith I always think of the other side of it, which is weird for this topic considering idk what side I fit on throughout this conversation. I know the professor can’t tell us what we are but I wanted to know by the end of the conversation what I identified with. It was super cool to hear everyone speak on their beliefs in a setting where no one argued back, minus the professor.

Overall, I think I’m getting more and more comfortable in the class, almost to a point where I may share in a future class. I like the professor but the only critique I have is I feel like anything I share he’s going to shoot down, not sure just makes me stressed to speak.

Week 1

Oh my goodness, when I sat down and he started talking I genuinely thought that I was in the wrong class, wow. I don’t know what I expected to learn I just didn’t expect to be talking about sounds within music. Its weird, I’ve honestly just never thought about any of the things that he’s talking about in this way. I legitimately sang my entire life, lived around music, and not once in all those years have I ever spoken about music in this manner. I honestly almost ran out of the room, the professor is so intelligent and well versed I did not have the confidence to speak once in front of the class.

Honestly this week just felt like a blur in terms of all my classes but especially this one. I just do not feel like I have the mindset for this class, I normally do not analyze things like this at all. Guess I should start doing that soon.

Overall, I think it was a good week I just need to some how become more knowledgable about this topic in order to participate next week. We’ll see about that.

Also I have no idea how long these blog posts are supposed to be.